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:firelite-photo:  Anyone who wishes to have their Religious Art reviewed for Volume 03, please note us at DAReligiousForum
.:firelite-photo:  ART AND RELIGION

Art may be in the form of paintings, drawings, crafts, mode of living, style of writings, songs, dance, speech, poetry, humour, etc.   These all symbolize the personality of a culture, so it is an instrument to identify a society.  The painter or craftsman leaves their own feelings and thoughts in the piece or project that serves to influence or inspire.   Better artists involve themselves deeply in the project by imprinting their own feelings and thought to express concepts through presentation. The perfect piece clearly signifies the intention of an artist that resembles their own or the character that he/she wants to present.  So Art is a method of presentation to draw attention of others.

Every religion and regional society has it's own methods of living styles in accordance to own customs and traditions.  We see them in Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Christian, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhism. Each has different habits, dresses, cultural rites, languages etc.  These signify their own identity when reflected by way of exercising it as an Art.

Religious Art is a mirror image of identity of an individual,  or a society. Yes, it is reflection of what we feel, think, practice, ritualize, believe, behave, and the measurement of our character. On the whole, Religious ART is a reflection of the ideology of the society and feelings and behavior, etc., and of individuals.

  So, this being said, I present to you the featured deviations of the many men and women, both young and not so young, of the files of deviantArt:

:firelite-photo: Art-Paintings, Drawings, and Manipulations:

Angelic-Warrior Angelic Warrior by JennBowers
Cross Walk Cross Walk by christiangirl4444
Stairs-To-Heaven Stairs To Heaven by Al-Fine
Sacrifice Sacrifice by subtle-design

:firelite-photo:  Members of Faith:

Blessed Blessed by InLightImageryWedding of Fahmee and Emillia by Raz1n Wedding of Fahmee/ Emillia
Hearing-G-d-s-Message Hearing G-d's Message by hbrodsly
Ichimaru-gin-and-Kuchiki-rukia Ichimaru-gin and Kuchiki-rukia by Raz1n
Ramadhan-Mubarak-fallous Ramadhan Mubarak - fallous by IslamicShots
Strong-Religion Strong Religion by liranlevi0

:firelite-photo:   Houses of Worship:

Little-Church-on-the-Farm Little Church on the Farm by SwordOfScotland
San-Gimignano San Gimignano by subtle-design
Stained Stained by InLightImagery
Jerusalem-Lights Jerusalem Lights by hbrodsly
Tashahud Tashahud by 7th-Heaven-Creative
Nabawi-s-Mosque-Tower-Part-2 Nabawi's Mosque Tower part 2 by ushka

:firelite-photo: Inspirational Photographs:

Prayers Prayers by InLightImagery
Secrets-of-Judasim Secrets of Judasim by hbrodsly
Happy-Channukah Happy Channukah by hbrodsly
Kranji-War-Memorial-3 Kranji War Memorial 3 by Raz1n

:firelite-photo: Prose and Poems:

Outshines OutshinesAs the sun outshines a candle,
So the Lord outshines all else;
And lights the way for those who trust Him.
As the moon reflects the sun,
So Christians should reflect Christ;
And honor Him in all they do.

Battle-with-Man: Battle with ManCan you see through me...
Can you feel my pain?
Do you endue my sorrows and do you rejoice my gain.
Then why is it you ask of me, to be someone I can not be.
Can you not feel my heart is yearning!
Can you not see my eyes are tearing,
And can you not hear, what my ears are hearing!
Or are you just really blind and deaf,to hear and see the freedom,
the love and the talents god has given me.
Why do you wish to follow this path?
What is it you search for?
What is it you ask?
Why do you pretend to love?
Why do you pretend to live?
Why wont even try and see what life is like,
if you are you and I am me.
Soon you will see how it all ends,
soon you will not be able to pretend.
Because all that lives, breathes, feels and sees
will be gone and there will be no life to carry on.
All one needs in ones life, is to see that there is nothing wrong
in being the best you can be.
But you refuse to listern, you refuse to see,
You have taken away my life,
You have taken away me.
Our lives in this world ha

Jerusalem-Prayer-I Jerusalem Prayer I by Hermione75
Day-of-Awe Day of AweI await the day of judgement;
The day of repentance and awe.
The day of seeking forgiveness
And washing away my sins.
It shall come
And I will sit before You;
Heart and soul open
The year to be weighed.
I hope to start the New Year
With merits and good intentions.
My life is in Your hands,
As always, for you are everything,
And everything comes from You.
Your eternal rule is not forsaken;
I love you forever,
Oh, Master of the Universe.
Ha Kadosh Baruch Hu, Ata HaKol*.
*The Holy One; Blessed Be He, you are everything.

Islam-A-Religion-of-Peace Islam:A Religion of Peace
I felt that an editorial would be most suited for this topic.  Let me begin by saying that the way Osama Bin Laden has stereotyped Islam is appalling.  I have studied Islam for three years and I know it is a religion of peace and I am fascinated by it.
The prophet Muhammad of Arabia was himself protected by a Christian king of Abysinnia (Ethiopia) during his travels and often aided by Jews.  Muhammad was a very understanding and forgiving man and was granted the name Al-Anin, "The trusted one".  Muhammad knew Christians, Jews, and Pagans alike.  He, in fact, spoke of Christians and Jews as people of the book, believers in the one true god.  The Qur'an is very straight-forward in saying that Christians and Jews are believers, but that many went astray.  What also may (and probably did) effect the writing of the Qur'an were the constant attempts to snuff out the faith and the attempted murders of Muhammad himself.

:firelite-photo:  Stamps

Jesus-is-love Stamp: Jesus is love by pralinkova-princeznaStamp: Praising God by pralinkova-princezna Praising God

:firelite-photo: DA Religious Forum Club Forum Threads:

:pray:… Rules of Engagement

We encouragement all of our valued Members to use the DA Religious Forum Club Forum, however, unlike other Forums we have a much stricter set of rules of use that we call "The Rules of Engagement" , and they will be enforced.

If you cannot be civil in your responses or posts, then we encourage you to seek other discourses. That does not mean that you cannot disagree with someone's post, it just means that you cannot attack someone personally. This will be a diplomatically oriented attempt at religious debate, and a safe haven for those who wish to participate.

Any violations of deviantART's etiquette and Forum posting regulations shall be reported, without exception, and dealt with according to the adjudication of the DA Administrations.

We hope that you may enjoy this Forum.

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:pray:… On The Release Of The Golden Compass.
:pray:… Code.… God Malevolent?… To Those Who Do Not Consider Wicca A Religion!

Thank you and all the best,

The DA Religious Forum Club Team.

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:iconswordofscotland:  :bulletblue:  Founder, Administrator
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Arianna-chan Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010  Professional Photographer
a ja myslam, ze napiszesz jakies relacje miedzy sztuka a religia :P
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